This website offers links to specific websites that provide online training courses to learn home inspection in accordance with national standards and sometimes state-specific home inspection standards and rules.  The courses offered on these sites are provided by Professional Home Inspection Institute, a leader in online training and certification for home inspectors.

Online Courses for Home Inspectors

Radon Measurement Certification Courses
Learn Radon Measurement through an interactive course that can be taken online and on CD-ROM.  The Radon Course from PHII has been approved by NEHA, the National Environmental Health Association, and NRSB, the National Radon Safety Board.  

Learn Pest Inspection through this interactive online course available from Professional Home Inspection Institute.  This course is great for anyone wanting to add pest inspection as a service to offer along with home inspection or for existing pest inspectors who want to gain continuing education.

Learn to inspect for environmental hazards such as lead, asbestos, carbon monoxide, or formaldehyde as part of a home inspection or as a separate environmental hazard inspection.

Learn about infrared thermography throgh the interactive online courses for thermal inspections from Professional Home Inspection Institute.  Infrared thermography is big business right now for home inspectors.  Don't be left behind!

Mold courses for mold inspection, mold assessment, and mold remediation are offered through Professional Mold Inspection Institute, the mold division of PHII.  They offer 4 mold certification courses (Residential Mold Inspection, Commercial Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation Certification, and Mold Remediation Protocols).